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Learn How To Model Christ's Leadership In Your Ministry & Life

Start Your 10-Day Crash Course Today!

  • Discover the essential virtues of a leader.
  • Learn to emulate the leadership qualities of Jesus Christ.
  • Embrace the three levels of vocation to find greater purpose.

Here's a preview of what you'll get:

Day 1: Christ the Model Leader

Day 2: Leadership is Character

Day 3: Character is Defined by the Virtues

Day 4: Virtue is a Habit of the Soul

Day 5: 2 Critical Virtues for Every Leader


Day 6: Embrace Your 3 Levels of Vocation

Day 7: Developing Emotional Intelligence

Day 8: Practicing Self-Awareness and Self-Management

Day 9: Practicing Social Awareness and Relationship Management

Day 10: Tying it all together — Leadership in Action